Peter Hume on Negotiations

If you can’t pay a debt, and bankruptcy is not an option, then it’s time for a negotiation with your creditor. Almost any account, debt or situation can be negotiated, but requires tact, patience, and logic. People who attempt their own negotiations frequently allow emotions to overwhelm the situation, and are unaware of the pertinent legal aspects, leading to less-than-desireable results. Hiring Cain & Herren ALC to handle your negotiations adds multiple layers of strength to your position, and is almost certain to be worth the investment.
As a negotiator for Cain & Herren ALC, I have been involved in cases with local banks, national banks, HOAs and AOAOs, short sale and foreclosure deficiencies, business disputes, property disputes, County violations, State and Federal (IRS) tax issues, and situations that defy explanation. Much of my time is spent with collection agencies and law firms such as Marvin Dang, Guy Zukeran, and Lynn Araki-Regan. If you receive a notice from a collector, or are served with a complaint, the worst thing you can do is to do nothing. If you have better things to do with your time than to deal with their “attempts to collect a debt,” you need a negotiator. If you need more time to determine your strategy, but don’t want to have judgments entered against you in the meantime, you need a negotiator.
Whatever the nature of your situation, the best approach is with an experienced negotiator under the supervision of local attorneys who know the ever-changing laws of the State of Hawaii, who will gain an understanding of your situation, present your hardship from an objective perspective, and fight for the best results possible within the law.
When your debt payments are unsustainable, you need to know your options and your legal rights. Cain & Herren ALC offers a free consultation with experienced bankruptcy attorneys who will assess your financial situation and present you with your best legal option. Sometimes the suggestion is bankruptcy, but frequently the problem can be resolved through negotiation.

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