Client Testimonials

Client testimonials for Cain and Herren

Laurie Herrell

I contacted Cain and Herren when I needed legal advice on several issues at the same time and as a result of the firm’s diligence I won every case.  I made a phone call immediately scheduled appointment and felt so welcomed it eased my mind right away.  I knew I was going to be ok.  I can’t Thank the firm of Cain and Herren enough, especially Michael Collins, for making my life bearable during such a stressful time I also enjoyed David is such a wonderful attorney and a very vital part of our community I am happy today.


Chris Williams

Chris Williams I’m the owner of Evictions or Us.   When I show up at people’s homes I usually have a document my hand signed by a judge, it is called a writ and virtually nothing can stop me. However when I open the door and the person on the other side of the door tells me they are represented by Cain and Herren,   I can breathe a sigh of relief when I know Cain and Herren are   representing them.  They are the only firm I know of that can actually stop my actions and help them out…



I have lived on Maui for 14 years I have needed the services of Cain and Herren a total of four times.  Every single time Cain and Herren have come thru and helped me out.  I feel comfortable calling Cain and Herren.  They were there to give me options I had no idea Cain and Herren could handle so many issues.  The staff at canyoneering definitely cared about me


Lawrence- A Real Estate Broker of 13 years

Recently, I had a transaction where the paperwork was a bit complex.  I recommended to my client that they have it reviewed by an attorney, obviously I recommend the David Cain of Cain and Herren.  David reviewed the documents and he actually found something in those documents that saved my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars and my client was overwhelmingly happy with that.  If anybody were to ask me who I would recommend for law,  especially real estate law or  contract law,  immediately the first name that pops into my mind is Cain and Herren. The reason why is David Cain has been doing this for years.  He very competent and thorough David Cain is actually looking out for his clients.