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Cain & Herren LLC’s goal has always been to enhance the lives of the people of Hawaii by providing valuable guidance, advocating for and protecting rights.  We also maintain an atmosphere that reflects care and consideration for our clients.

With decades of experience in the legal industry, our attorneys specialize in Bankruptcy, Loan Modification, Family Law including Divorce, Child Custody, business litigation, Criminal Defense, Estate Planning, Wills, and Probate.

How Can a Hawaii Business Attorney Help Me?

Start-ups and large corporations alike are wary of the costs involved since many companies run on a tight budget. We understand and respect the financial concerns of small business owners. A lot of organizations fall into the misconception that forming their entities is an easy task and take it on by themselves only to find out later that they missed a minor part of the process that may jeopardize the company down the line.

Forming an entity with the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) is not particularly difficult, but most people do not realize that there are a plethora of other steps that must be taken to ensure you get the proper legal protection you need when forming your entity.

Life is not always perfect. Problems can turn up unexpectantly down the road. In order to prevent this, it is in your best interest to seek legal advice and set up a free consultation to discuss business litigation options.

What Does Our Law Firm Specialize In?

Cain & Herren, LLC, is the largest law firm on Maui, offering incomparable customer service and assistance to our clients.  Whether you are looking to form a C Corporation, S Corporation, LLC, Partnership, Non-Profit, or any other corporate entity, we have the skills and training to deliver the best possible results for our clients and we pride ourselves in getting the job done right the first time, on time.

Whether it is on the initial Articles of Incorporation, Organizational Minutes, Operating Agreements, By-Laws, Stock or Membership Certificates, we will ensure that you have the proper standing to protect yourself in the unfortunate event of a lawsuit against your entity or faced with other legal red tapes within your entity. We also specialize in Agreements and Contracts, to help you facilitate the sale of your business entity or assets, take on a new investor(s), or prepare stock assignments.

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Legal issues don’t have to create a major upheaval in your business life. It is important that you have support from someone with experience – attorneys who you can trust to offer precise and thorough business litigation, should you need it.

We are your one-stop-shop for all your legal matters. Contact us by phone or email today. We are “The Attorneys with Heart!”

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