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Being charged with a crime can have far-reaching repercussions. That’s why hiring a good criminal defense lawyer with many years of experience is essential to your defense strategy when facing such accusations. Selecting a reputable law firm will significantly assist in helping when faced with such difficulties.

Cain & Herren ALC’s Maui criminal defense attorneys specialize in all aspects of criminal law. Each misdemeanor or felony case is treated carefully and appropriately depending on its circumstances. Our expertise and compassion have earned us the name “The Attorneys With Heart.”

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Who Are Cain & Herren, ALC? We are an experienced defense firm offering legal assistance in all forms of white-collar and general crime, from pre-indictment/ pre-charging investigations through internal corporate probes.

We specialize in defense matters spanning from intricate white-collar prosecutions to representing defendants in complex state criminal matters – such as murder and cases with complex mental health concerns.

Maui lawyers with expertise in media relations also represent defendants in cases receiving wide publicity. We specialize in:

Assault and Battery

Driving Under Intoxicants, or DUI/OUI, Abuse/Domestic Violence, Drugs/Narcotics, Theft/Fraud, Arson/Torch Assault, and Burglary can all constitute serious offenses, which include felonies as well as misdemeanors.

Know Your Rights in Maui

Criminal law covers laws implemented to control society at various levels – municipal, state, or federal. Each may pose potential threats to both your freedom and reputation if charged.
Therefore, you must become acquainted with both your rights and Maui’s legal system. All crimes fall under criminal law; crimes in Maui can be divided into four primary categories.

  • Personal Crime – Personal crime refers to offenses against an individual directly, such as assault, robbery, or homicide. Such offenses breach an individual’s physical or psychological well-being and differ from crimes that target property or society at large.
  • Property Crime – Property crimes include offenses that involve unlawfully acquiring or damaging another’s possessions such as burglary, theft or vandalism. This differs from personal crimes which tend to directly target individuals.
  • Statutory Crime – Statutory crimes refer to violations of laws that are regulatory, often by breaking specific statutes or regulations set up by government authorities. Such offenses typically do not involve violence and may involve violating traffic rules, environmental standards or financial regulations.
  • Financial Crime – Financial crime encompasses any illegal act that involves financial gains or harm, such as fraud, money laundering and embezzlement. Financial crimes usually include fraudulent practices like deceptive practices, manipulation of financial systems, or illegal acquisition of monetary assets.

While seeking legal advice is certainly beneficial, each situation must be handled separately. Every criminal case varies and we work with attorneys specializing in specific areas of law to provide reliable counsel and ensure you get the best representation.

Should You Seek Legal Representation?

If you have been arrested or charged with or subject to investigation, you must seek an experienced Maui criminal defense lawyer as your first line of defense. Lawyers with expertise are always the better option so seek legal advice as soon as possible!

Reputable defense attorneys bring invaluable technical knowledge and uphold the attorney-client relationship with great importance. Many offer free consultations during which they discuss their areas of specialization.

What Can We Do for You?

Our Maui criminal defense attorneys have extensive training in all facets of creating a strong legal profile. We prioritize getting to know our clients by actively listening, to provide relevant professional advice and opinions that meet the legal requirements.

By possessing an in-depth knowledge of both law and your specific defense needs, we can create an action plan tailored specifically for you. Taking this proactive approach alleviates your situation, and early legal advice increases your odds of finding an amicable resolution.

Seek Legal Advice At Cain & Herren ALC, we assist those fighting DUI charges on Maui. Additionally, should any of the other categories listed above apply to you, we are here to provide legal assistance in all these categoriesl. No one wishes for legal issues to arise but if it happens a reliable support network must be put in place in case criminal charges surface against them.

Cain & Herren ALC’s legal team includes both an aggressive Hawaii criminal defense lawyer and an accomplished prosecutor, providing our legal expertise and experience to guarantee you receive the optimal result. Let us safeguard your rights while fighting for freedom and the future.

Our Attorneys Specialize In:

Why Should I Trust Cain & Herren ALC?

  • Reputable Lawyers on Maui – As leading criminal defense attorneys on Maui, our legal team has earned a distinguished standing when handling high-profile cases.
  • Aggressive Defense – When facing challenges, our criminal defense lawyers never back down from providing strong representation for their client’s rights at every turn.
  • Client-Centered Approach – At our firm, we focus on open communication and collaboration with our clients so they are informed and involved throughout the legal process.
  • Proven Track Record – Our ability to represent clients aggressively and strategically has allowed us to successfully handle a range of cases.
  • Unparalleled Experience – Our Maui criminal defense attorneys boast two decades of experience protecting the rights of people injured due to someone else’s negligence and those facing criminal accusations.
  • Expertise Local – Our team has extensive knowledge of Maui’s legal system and all its complexities, which allows them to fully grasp all its specificities.
  • Customized Defense Strategies – Tailoring our approach to each case, we create personalized defense strategies designed specifically to address the unique circumstances associated with criminal cases in Maui.
  • Strategic Negotiation Skills – Our team excels at strategic negotiation, always looking for advantageous resolutions while being prepared for trial if negotiations break down.
  • Thorough Case Preparation – At our firm, we dedicate considerable resources and expertise to thoroughly preparing cases and conducting comprehensive investigations to stay one step ahead of any potential hurdles that may arise.

Commitment to Justice: Our firm is driven by a passion for justice, making sure each client receives fair and ethical treatment while vigorously upholding their rights and freedoms.

Contact us to see how we can assist in whatever circumstances life throws your way – contact us here and discover more.

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