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Pre-bankruptcy Counseling and Debtor’s Education

Pre-bankruptcy counseling session – Know the alternatives before taking the plunge Each person who seeks assistance of bankruptcy has a unique financial situation. According to the new rules, if you plan to file for...

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EdVenture: Foreclosures, Short Sale and Bankruptcy

Attorney David Cain will be leading an EdVenture class exploring legal issues relating to short sales, foreclosures and bankruptcy.  The class will be held this weekend, Saturday, May 25, 2013 from 9:00am-1:00pm at the...

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Bankruptcy and Asset Cases

Assets are any interest in property that a debtor has that have a marketable interest.  Many things can be considered assets.  Most people understand that vehicles, real estate, and cash are assets in bankruptcy...

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Peter Hume on Negotiations

If you can’t pay a debt, and bankruptcy is not an option, then it’s time for a negotiation with your creditor. Almost any account, debt or situation can be negotiated, but requires tact, patience,...

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Demystifying the National Mortgage Settlement

There has been a lot of press relating to the National Mortgage Settlement.  Unfortunately, with the press there has also been a lot of misinformation. In February 2012, the Attorneys General of a number...