What To Know Before Buying Your Dream Home In Hawaii

Anyone can own property in Hawaii, even those across the U.S., or in foreign countries! All you need are the funds able to purchase a home in Hawaii. The pristine beaches, beautiful landscapes, and seascapes are what draw many people to live here. While buying a home in Hawaii, it is common practice for all offers to include statements of the buyer’s financial status or ability to buy the property. If you plan on paying in cash, be prepared to provide a “proof of funds” stating how much money you have.

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It is also important to know that it can take from 45 to 60 days to complete your purchase -which is very typical here! This time is used for home inspections, disclosures, and other pre-purchase activities. Foreign buyers will need to pay in cash, or be qualified with a U.S. mortgage lender.

If any sort of financing is required, it is a smart idea to have pre-approval for any home you want to buy. Any lender you decide to use must be licensed in the State of Hawaii. When you are talking to a loan agent, it is crucial that you are upfront with them about your budget. As a buyer, you need to know what you can afford. It is possible to waste a lot of your time driving around looking at houses that are out of your budget, which is why knowing exactly what you can afford will help the process go along quickly.

When shopping for your dream Hawaiian home, it is very important to determine the location you want to live in. Our beautiful state has plenty of property available near beaches, towns, golf courses, and schools in both city and rural areas. These are all factors in helping to decide your budget, and the type of home you want.

It is important to have a local Hawaiian real estate agent, mortgage lender, and a knowledgeable Hawaii real estate attorney when looking for a home. We understand the quirks and traditions of our great state, and will help you throughout the property buying process. Those who do not live in Hawaii are not as well versed in our laws and regulations, which is why you have to protect yourself as you buy a home here.

In addition to being local, it is important you only hire experienced and qualified home buying professionals. This will help you achieve all your homebuying goals, and your team will have all your best interests at heart.  

We all know that homes in Hawaii can be very expensive, and we have a very competitive real estate market. Many people want to move here and enjoy our Hawaiian lifestyle, it is important to not get discouraged when shopping for homes. Since our real estate market is aggressive, it is important to have your budget and pre-approvals done before you begin to shop!

When you have found your dream home, be sure to give us a call. We will be more than happy to help you become a homeowner.

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