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There are a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts in Maui. Motorcycles love the hills and open spaces with gorgeous natural settings. They are passionate about the experience of power and speed. Sadly, this can take a heavy toll on human lives.

It is not uncommon for motorcyclists to cause traffic fatalities or an accident. This should not come as a surprise since motorbikes get into traffic accidents more frequently than cars. Moreover, the number of motorcycle accidents and fatalities on Maui County roads is on the rise compared to figures at the same time last year.

If you live in Hawaii, chances are you’ve watched the breaking news about traffic accidents like “Harley Davidson motorcycle was traveling northeast at a high speed in the wrong direction and died at the scene,” or “Man arrested following a motorcycle accident in Maui County.”

Motorcyclists with life-threatening injuries caused by negligence are often represented by motorcycle accident lawyers. That’s because it’s challenging for them to deal with the injuries and manage paperwork at the same time. It is much easier to handle it with a legal team on your side.

Hawaii Motorcycle Laws

More and more people own motorcycles in Hawaii thanks to low insurance costs. The same is true for Maui County. As a motorcyclist, you should become acquainted with the Hawaii Motorcycle laws before hitting the road.

Remember that children under age 7 must not ride on a motorcycle. Furthermore, motorcycle drivers are required to obtain a license like motor vehicle drivers.

Both passengers and drivers under 18 years of age are required by Hawaii motorcycle laws to wear a helmet that has a chin strap. It is necessary to determine whether the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, i.e. when the collision occurred, during the preliminary investigation.

What To Look For When Seeking An Attorney

How do you choose a motorcycle accident lawyer in Maui? Ideally, you want to hire one that has more than 10 years of legal experience. It is important to choose a trustworthy, experienced attorney or firm specializing in car and motorcycle accidents.

If you’ve recently been involved in a motorcycle accident, be sure to contact Cain & Herren as quickly as possible. Whether you are seriously injured or not, our injury lawyers will help you handle your lawsuit or settle a personal injury claim with a legal deadline.

We are going to seek the appropriate compensation for your accident-related injuries and damages. It may include everything from lost wages and medical care to compensation for your suffering and pain. Contact us today!

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