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Maui Wildfires

Call or e mail us with any questions: We can help with:

  • What to do and say when you contact your mortgage company
  • If you had a lease, take careful steps to keep you out of trouble.
  • Insurance claims: what to do if you feel they are hesitant to help you
  • Loan document review: before you agree to take a loan or grant, let a legal eye protect your rights.
  • If you lost your business, tour business, or other things possibly not covered by insurance
  • Fema claims?- if you are being rejected by Fema you may have alternatives.

Lawsuits have been filed and will be filed against the parties that be. If you feel you want to file a  claim, its important you join a group with extensive fire litigation experience.

To join a class action lawsuit if you have been harmed in any way, its important to get on the list now: contact us at Cain and Herren or our Litigation associates, Moon Law at  808. 500.6670