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How To File For Bankruptcy Hawaii

File for Bankruptcy Hawaii with a Credible Attorney Whether you have financial trouble in your personal or professional life, filing for bankruptcy Hawaii is not easy to do alone. Finding the best attorney can...

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Bankruptcy Exemptions

Section 522 of the bankruptcy code allows for the exemption (or protection) of certain classes of assets in a bankruptcy case. Individuals can claim these exemptions to protect some of their assets from the...

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The Hawaii 2014 Child Support Guidelines and Exceptional Circumstances warranting deviation from the Guidelines.

The Family Courts of Hawaii have adopted new 2014 Child Support Guidelines (“Guidelines”), effective February 15, 2015. The 2014 Guidelines are available here: The guidelines are revised every four years, so the next revision...

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New Foreclosure Law – HB2513

This bill is in front of the Governor to sign.  If signed, it will change the Hawaii foreclosure law with respect to attorney affirmations. The legislature already requires that an attorney representing a mortgage...

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Mortgage Debt Relief Act 2014

On December 16, 2014, Congress finally passed a bill that extends the Mortgage Debt Relief Act through 2014.  This is a great law for home owners and provides a tax exemption for debt relief...

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